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Our team over at Mr Fone strives to provide small and medium businesses with the top of the line business phone solutions and dedicated to creating a service that’s simple and reliable. Studies show that communication is the number one key to success and we love to support small businesses with making that easier.


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The Bizphone Service must be used in conjunction with the Mr Fone provided handset. The Bizphone handset requires direct Ethernet cabling to each phone. The service also requires a fixed broadband connection. BizPhone service is not available for telemarketing, call centre function and similar uses. Don’t worry if you’re unsure, one of our dedicated business specialists can help you out on 1300 673 063 or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Total minimum cost is $728.75 on a 24 month contract. Includes $9.95 handset delivery fee. Does not include the cost of any optional features. Requires fixed broadband Internet access connection and wired Ethernet port. ^Subject to participating carrier.

*One Hunt Group included free per customer. Must have a minimum purchase of 3 user plans. Additional Hunt Groups can be purchased at additional cost of $7.95 per month per additional group.

**One instance of Auto Attendant included free per customer. Additional instances are available at an additional cost of $7.95 per month per instance.

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